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Getting Started
  • Reach your inquiry team's page via the links on the left.
  • Click on the "EDIT" button above your page to add to or change its content.
  • All text should be aligned left.
  • Main page text should be styled as "Normal" (or Arial 10 point font, just like this homepage).
  • Titles (your team's research question, "Annotated Bibliography," and "Other Works Cited") should be formatted in title case as "Heading 1" and be followed by a "Horizontal Rule" as well as a line break.
  • Instead of indentations, divide paragraphs with line breaks.
  • All citations should be formatted as bold, to distinguish them from annotations.
  • After each citation, within each annotation, mention the source's author as a "second reference" (using last name only). The critical introductions, however, should introduce each author as a "first reference" (first and last name, affiliation, et cetera).
  • All other formatting should follow 2009 MLA guidelines.
  • Please avoid editing pages of teams to which you don't belong.

Need Help?
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